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Gods and Goddesses

Monotheist concept

In Taoism, there are many Gods and Goddesses. For those who get used to the "monotheist god", this concept can be very confusing to them.
This differences is simply caused by different point of view, understanding and tradition. Basically speaking, the concept of God is Taoism is not far different from other "Monotheist religion".

In Taoism there is a single highest, non-form, "Un-name-able God", that is located in VOID / nothingness. Has no form, entity of male/female, has no space or time. Because there no name that can be used to represent God, In book of Dao de Ching, therefore, the borrowed-word of TAO is used to represent. So TAO can be translated as "Origin of The creator of the universe", to make an easier understanding, sometime TAO is also called the universe itself.

But polytheist.....

This "Unnamable-TAO"; Tai Shang Lao Jun, created many Gods and Goddess to create the universe.
This is just like President doesn't have to go to the war, he has general and the general have military army to go to the war and so on.

Thus, the position of Taoist Gods and Goddess is similar the concept of Angels, Prophets, Saints, Buddha /arahats, etc in different religion/belief.

The "Great Tao" then appointed "Yu Wang Da Di / Jade Emperor" as Their Avatar to rule / lead / manage All Taoist Gods and Goddesses.

Another name of "Yu Wang Da Di" is "Yu Wang Shang Di", aka: just "Shang Di" which is the term used in Christian referring as The God/Father in heaven.

Note: In Taoism, Even though "Shang Di" is the God who is the King of all Deities, Angel, Minister, Official, etc, Yet, There are absolute spiritual forces higher than "Shang Di"/The God, known as "Tai Shang Lao Jun", "Yuan Shi Tian Zun", "Ling Bao Tian Zun".

Yi Huang Da Di / Shang Di- Jade emperor / Emperor of Heaven

Celestial bureaucracy

The Celestial Bureaucracy is organized similarly to a government administration, where the Jade Emperor / Yu Wang Da Di would be the highest President to whom other Deities must report.

When a mortal have successfully cultivated 'Tao' and have the ability to transcend their "10 parts soul/spirit" from mortal realm to the Immortal realm, Then he/she will become a God or Goddess.
To create an illustration, Living in the world is University. When one pass the final exam, then will receive a degree. Therefore, Male/female that already "pass the education" become "Gods and Goddess"

All Gods and Goddess have a duty / work. They govern certain aspect of our world, life, planet, galaxy and universe. For example, to save mankind, to educate mankind, to manage the rotation of certain planet/galaxy, etc.

When they perform their duty and well done, Each will received recognition by the
Jade emperor. When they earn many awards and recognition from the Jade emperor, They can get a higher position/rank within the 32 level of Heaven.

Levels of Heaven

Level of Heaven God or Goddess Realm name Position Existence

Celestial worthy of primordial beings
Yuan Shi Tian Zun / 元始天尊 Yu Qing
1st of 3 void Highest Wu Chi / Emptyness
35th Great Old Exalted One
Tai Sang Lao Jun (太上老君) Tai Qing
2nd of 3 void Highest Wu Chi / Emptyness
34th Celestial worthy of Numinous treasures
Ling Pao Tian Zun / 灵宝天尊 Shang Qing
3rd of 3 void Highest Wu Chi / Emptyness
33rd Jade Emperor / Yu Wang Da Di;
The avatar of 3 Void / pure Ones. Cing Tian / Heaven Avatar Tai Chi /
32nd All other Gods and Goddess
who are ruled under Jade Emperor Cing Tian / Heaven Deities Tai Chi /

San Qing (Pure palaces realm) is the palace of VOID/WU-CHI, where The TAO (Highest one) / "Un-nameable GOD" that exist before the universe, resides.

These three are trinity means it's three but it is One.

The palace of San Qing is divided by three; Yu Qing, Tai Qing and Shang Qing; which are the VOID realm where The Taoist Trinity resides

From 32nd level all the way down to the first level of heaven can be divided again by4 cardinal directions (North, West, South, North) and then distributed equally to another 6 directions (NE, SE, SW, NW, Above and below), therefore it makes 10 directions in totals.

The names of all 32 level of heavens are
Heaven name Cardinal direction
Taihuang Huangceng Heaven East
Taiming Yuwan Heaven East
Qingming Hetong Heaven East
Xuantai Pingyu Heaven East
Yuanming Wenju Heaven East
Shangming Qiyao Moyi Heaven East
Xuwu Yueheng Heaven East
Taiji Mengyi Heaven East

Ciming Heyang Heaven South
Xuanming Gonghua Heaven South
Yaoming Zhongpiao Heaven South
Zhuluo Huangjia Heaven South
Xuming Tangliao Heaven South
Guanming Duanjing Heaven South
Xuanming Gongqing Heaven South
Taihuan Jiyao Heaven South

Yuanzai Kongshen Heaven West
Tai'an Wangya Heaven West
Xianding Jifeng Heaven West
Sihuang Xiaomang Heaven West
Taiji Weng Chongfu Rong Heaven West
Wusi Jiangyou Heaven West
Shangshe Ruanle Heaven West
Wuji Fangshi Heaven West

Haoting Xiaodu Heaven East
Yuantong Yuandong Heaven East
Taiwen Hanchong Miaocheng Heaven East
Taisu Xiule Jingshang Heaven East
Taisu Wushang Changrong Heaven East
Taishi Yulong Tengsheng Heaven East
Longbian Fandu Heaven East
Taiji Pingyu Jiayi Heaven East

Brief explanations

God and Goddess in the Tai Chi Realm (33rd to 1st level of Heaven)

There are many other Gods/Goddesses outside the "San Qing" realm of Wu-Ci / VOID, called the realm of Tai Chi Yin Yang.

All ruled under Jade emperor, the Avatar of three Pure Ones, who resides in 33th level of Heaven.

Yi Huang Da Di - Jade emperor / Emperor of Heaven

Yi Huang Da Di is picked and chosen directly by the Tai Sang Lao Jun as the transcendence form of the primordial trinity / three pure ones (San Ching).

Tai Sang Lao Jun - Exalted One

Detail explanations

In summary, all the Shen Sien (Gods) and Xian Nu (Goddess) can be categorized into 2 kinds;

I. Xian Tian Zhen Shen (Ancient God and Goddess)
II. Hou Tian Shen Ming
(God and Goddess that originated from a human who become immortal)

I. Xian Tian Zhen Shen (Ancient God and Goddess)
Meaning They will perform work within the universe / heaven scope.

There are at least 190 Gods in this category.

1A. Highest GOD; Three pure ones of VOID
1B. Jade Emperor; Avatar of three pure ones.
2. Father heaven God and Mother earth Goddess
3. Queen mother Goddess of West heaven and Grandpa God of East heaven(YinYang)
4. Four heavenly minister / Si Yu Da Di< 四極大帝>;
i. Emperor of the highest palace of Polaris
ii. Emperor of North pole star of purple subtlety
iii. Emperor of eternal South pole
iv. Emperor of Earth.
5. Princes and Princesses of Heaven
6. Gods of The emperor of 3 world (Sky, Earth and water)
7. Celestial Emperor of Five direction
8. 32 Various Celestial emperor and generals
9. Celestial Lord of Supreme Oneness and Salvation from Misery that rules 5 Heavens
10. God of North and South side of Heaven
11. Gods & Goddesses of Stars / Planet / Constellations
i. Mother of stars and her nine sons(9 stars of big dipper)
ii. Five constellation star Gods
iii. 28 constellation star / lunar mansion Gods and Goddess.
iv. Gods of 9 planets;
(Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Lunar&Solar eclipse)
v. 3 Stars Gods of luck, fame and longevity / Orion Belt God
12. God of the guard in the border between Heaven and Earth.
13. Gods of Time / Grand Duke of Jupiter rotation - 60 years cycle Gods.

II. Hou Tian Shen Ming /
(God and Goddess that originated from a human who become immortal)
A. Heaven scope 天; Ruler of earth
Meaning They perform work such as time, mountains, after death-
realm, elements, temple/house/building, rains, crops, flood, snow, community and city,
who is going to hell and heaven and other nature matter

There are at least 152 Gods in this category.

1. Gods of Earth
2. Gods of 36 high-rank officer of Sky
3. Celestial officers
4. Nature Gods & Goddesses
i. God of Wind
ii. God of Rain
iii. Father thunder God and mother lightning Goddess.
iv. 5 supreme commander of thunder
v. God of Cloud.
5. Gods of 5 Mountains
6. Gods of the guardian of mountains, oceans, rivers and water.
7. Gods of soil and earth-crops.
8. Gods of Guardian of Fire and water
9. Gods of house foundation, door, water pipe, kitchen and a well.
10. Gods of City protector and It's helper.
11. Gods of Protector of city river, temple, public safety & warehouse
12. 13 Great Guardians God.

B. Earth scope 地; Rule over fate and professions.
Meaning They perform work on Humans, such as birth, death, sick, become old, luck,
wealth, soul mate, job position, and other human matter

There are at least 160 Gods in this category.

1. Gods of wealth; have 4 ambassadors;
2. Gods of Arts
3. Gods of education
4. Gods of Medicine
5. Gods of Love and Soul mate
6. Goddes of fertility
7. Goddesses of protection of pregnancy and birth.
8. Goddesses of guardian of beds.
9. Gods of longevity
10. Gods of War
11. Gods of Army and soldier protector
12. Goddesses of Sailor protector
13. Gods of Farms and Fields
14. Gods of carpentry and paper business
15. Gods of clothing, silk-worm, metal, gold-silver smith and other business
16. Gods of physic / shaman protection
17. Gods of local-government protector
18. Gods of protection from disaster
19. Gods of protection from disease.
20. Gods and Goddesses of protection for children.
21. Gods of protection of deceased spirit.
22. Gods of protector of some Chinese surname descendant
23. 8 Immortals
24. Local Taoist Gods and Goddesses in Southeast Asia (Taoist who became immortal)
A. Immortals from Indonesia
B. Immortals from Thailand
C. Immortals from Malaysia
D. Immortals from Singapore
E. Immortals from Philippine
25. Local Taoist immortal from China.
26. Local Taoist immortal from Taiwan.
27. God of immigrant's protector.
28. Three Mao Brothers from Mount Mao.
29. Goddess of compassion; Guan Yin

C. Underworld / Di Yu / ; Rule over death realm
There are at least 18 Gods in this category.

1. King of Hell
2. 10 Gods of "after death realm"
3. Bai Wu Chang
4. Hei Wu Chang
5. Bull General
6. Horse General
7. Patrol god of Day and Night / Ri Ye Xun
8. Demon Emperor / Gui Wang

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